Fees 2020-2021


  • Please be aware that IIMBAS does not negotiate fee discounts with individual students.

  • The York St John University MBA is GB£9,000 for Domestic Students and GB£10,300 for International Students; bursaries are available.

  • Certified Transformational Leader (CTL) is GB£3,000 (+VAT, if applicable).

  • MBA Transformational Leadership Strategy including CTL is GB£6,000.00 (+VAT, if applicable); where applicants hold a Chartered Management Institute Level 7 qualification the fee is GB£4,000.00 (+VAT, if applicable) for the fast track course.

  • MSc Management Consulting is not yet available.

  • Doctor of Business Administration is not yet available.

  • Each enrolled month of study past normal term of study on any course is GB£100.00 (+VAT, if applicable)

  • Optional extras:

    • 12 x 45-minute individual mentoring sessions over 12 months is GB£4,500.00 (+VAT, if applicable)

    • Single individual mentoring session is GB£400.00 (+VAT, if applicable)

Payment Plans

  • If you elect to take a UK Student Loan, we will follow the payment schedule from the Student Loan Company.

  • Otherwise, Master's students are expected to pay in three instalments: 50% prior to enrolment; 25% in week 13 of your course; and a further 25% in week 26 of your course.