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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Transform your business: make an impact
  • The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) programme is cohort-based, with groups of up to 10 candidates mentored throughout their research degree by an expert academic team.

  • The DBA is designed for practising managers with the experience and roles to facilitate impactful change within their organisations as a result of their research.

  • Whilst the programme contains some taught elements designed to enhance your research skills and capabilities, the final award of the Doctorate is based on a portfolio of original research, presented in a thesis.

Is the DBA right for me?

If you are a practising manager the DBA could well be the ideal programme for you, as it will allow you to combine your professional experience with your studies. Working at a pace that suits you, the DBA can support you in facilitating research-led impactful change inside your organisation. Your final award is based on a portfolio of work, presented in a doctoral thesis. We will support you through taught elements and from the outset, you will have a supervision team. The DBA is located within the Centre for Business in Society, one of the University’s dedicated research centres and you will become a part of our community of doctoral/postgraduate researchers.

The DBA process

Your DBA journey will go through three important phases, each designed to add an additional layer to your final submission.

  • Phase one (12-24 months) - Creating the foundation for the DBA: establishing the research question, context, literature review and methodology.

  • Phase two (12-24 months) - Conducting the research: one or several practical focused projects.

  • Phase three (12-24 months) - Assembling the thesis: critical reflection on research findings, implementation and observation of 'change'.


Contact admissions@iimbas for more information

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