MBA Course Structure

You complete six taught modules and the Capstone Project.

In full-time study, you take two modules per 10-week term. In each module, you study one week of research methods to enable you to fast track your Capstone Project in the final term of your study. In part-time study, you take one module per term. The Capstone Project takes two terms in part-time study. The sequence of modules may vary, with the exception of the Capstone Project, which will always be your last module of study.

Module overviews follow and are linked to their university specifications. Note that content and assessment are indicative and may change.

MBB7004M Dynamic Perspectives on Sustainable Business

This module aims to cover a range of contemporary business issues and concerns. It also reviews the relationship between business and society. You will come to appreciate how the concept of sustainability promotes a holistic process of change and how businesses can act more responsibly towards the community, society and the global environment. You will learn how to apply the concepts taught to business management activities to enhance competitive advantage. Emphasis is also given to the ongoing debates amongst practitioners and academics, noting that 'sustainable business' is evolving, not static.​

MBB7005M Learning Innovation and Cultural Change

​Innovation and change are significant issues for organisations. In the private sector, innovation is a key factor in competitive success. In the public and not-for-profit sectors, innovation can reconfigure services and processes to meet client needs more effectively. In organisations of all kinds, managers and professionals need to be able to lead and manage change. You will critically evaluate theories concerning the processes of innovation and change within organisations.

MBB7006M Business Development and Value Creation​

​This module explores the application of management processes for developing and defining a new business concept. This includes market analysis, competitor performance analysis and the role of due diligence. You will critically examine the process for making strategic choices and explore and analyse different approaches and techniques used in strategic business and service planning. You will also develop an understanding of the purpose and procedures involved in the planning process and learn to plan and execute a business plan.

MBB7007M Global Business Strategies​

​This module introduces you to key international business theories and concepts. It considers the strategic role played by transnational firms (TNCs) as the primary movers and shapers of the global economic system. You will gain an appreciation of the principal institutional and organisational macrostructures of the global economy, the role of the state, international organisations and regional trading blocs in shaping international business. You will also consider the impact of the diverse national business systems on firm strategy.

MBB7008M Accounting and Finance for Decision-Making​

In this module, you will develop an understanding of the theory and practice relating to the key aspects of financial and management accounting. You will explore the principles of financial accounting and the interpretation of accounts. This will involve an introduction to management accounting including the principles of cost accounting and short/long term decision making.​

MBB7009M Marketing and Data Analytics​

​In this module, you will build your cognitive skills and computational thinking. You will also consider the relevance of these skills to business concepts, critical evaluation and professional considerations. You will develop a deep understanding of the impact and meaning of data. It is also an opportunity to examine data analytics technique in term of problem-solving, predicting and decision-making in a business context.


MBB7010MCapstone Project


This is your opportunity to select, define, research, analyse, develop solutions and reach evidence-based conclusions to an issue relevant to your study through an independent research project. You can select a wholly academic option or an applied business consultancy option.


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